8 x 10 'Folio Frame

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Display and store up to 20 art prints and photographs inside of our unique 'Folio Frame. Prints are loaded into clear page protectors which are stored, easily viewed and switched around INSIDE the 'Folio Frame! Solid wood construction with acrylic insert. Can be hung vertically or horizontally and switched any time with same anchor in wall. Comes with 10 clear page protectors. additional pages can be purchased in accessories.  Pro Tip: place two prints back to back in same page to store up to 20 prints!  (8.5 x 11 pages will also fit) Great for all those Comic Con Guest Autographed photos!! Shown in Marbleized Black finish, Our most popular and recommended option.

8 x 10 size 'Folio Frames are perfect for autographs or family photos. Imagine, instead of a boring binder you can store your photos in a 'Folio Frame and hang it on the wall displaying your great treasure!